Unsigned Artist: Burning Bridget Cleary


Very well-presented trad-folk band that practically gives you a bracing face-full of North Sea spray with each song. On Celtic folk tunes such as “Madam I’m A Darling,” the pastoral instrumental “Chloe’s Passion...” and our fave, “Another Day,” singer Rose Baldino leads the band with her clean, clear tone (though she sometimes succumbs to sounding too technically perfect). Meanwhile, the harmonized violins sound great, and the whole enterprise unites to generate a life force that can uplift the listener at every turn. From the strings to the zinging tambourines, every song is well-recorded, making it suitable for label consideration and film/TV placements. As a live attraction, the band would be a lively addition to any folk festival’s line-up.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: burningbridgetcleary.com
Seeking: National/Festival Booking, Film/TV
Style: Celtic Folk/Trad

LISTEN! Burning Bridget Cleary - "Madam I'm a Darling"