Unsigned Artist: Di Alo


Artist Di Alo’s deft melding of R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop yields an appealing sound that envelopes the listener and has garnered prominent TV placements (Ray Donovan). The man’s a lover, pure and simple, and his tunes “Junkie” and “Bite That Bullet” (“If you keep hittin’ that spot, I’ll take every bullet you got” are indeed seductive.) We dig how those tracks juxtapose bass and treble elements while keeping the end result clean and uncluttered. “Moonlight” offers a sonic change-up, with its big, bassy growl and cool distorted guitar tones accompanying his come-on: “Let’s get lost in each other’s bodies.” Though Di Alo’s tunes have stretches that are worthy of radio playlists, we don’t exactly hear a perfect single here yet. Still, he’s got the tools—especially a radio- friendly voice.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/di-alo
Seeking: Film/TV, Distr., Publicity
Style: R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop