Unsigned Artist: Lucid Rivers


U.K.-based band Lucid Rivers have a unique sound that could be called “sludgedelic,” characterized by morose, marching cadences married to vocals that convey a sly, anarchic spirit. “Medicate” and “Shortest Road” are each carried by a downcast martial beat, pounding drums and a recurring guitar riff that will either hook you or seem merely repetitious. We like the rising, snarling energy that builds patiently throughout the latter song, “Shortest Road.” They switch it up a bit with their 9-minute opus,“The Last Howl,” whose ambient intro creates a celestial swirl that serves as a bed for the group’s vocals—all of it rising in dissonance and disintegration until the song’s epic conclusion. This altogether alternative band is not for everyone, but psych-rock devotees are urged to take a listen.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: almostcomplete.co.uk
Seeking: Publicity
Style: Psychedelic Rock