Steve Vai Third Guitar Camp 2017

Third Steve Vai Academy Guitar Camp Coming January 2017

Steve Vai's third annual Vai Academy Guitar Camp—Vai Academy 3.0: “Passion and Technique”—will be taking place in Carmel, CA at the Asilomar Conference Grounds from Jan. 2 - 6, 2017. Along with a star-studded lineup of special guests including Al Di Meola, Zakk Wylde, Carlos Alomar and others, Vai will stage the event for players and music lovers of all ages, levels, interests and tastes. The four-day gathering offers activities such as jamming with Steve Vai and his band, as well as activities and workshops for master players, beginners and enthusiastic fans alike.

“I’m so excited that Vai Academy has been as successful as it’s been, and it seems to become more interesting every year,” Steve Vai, the newly-inducted 2016 Long Island Music Hall of Fame Member, remarked. “For 2017, we chose the Asilomar Conference Grounds in beautiful Carmel, California during the first week of January, which is great because everyone’s ready to start the year fresh after the holidays. This year, we’re going to focus on guitar technique, and we’ll talk about finding inspiration within yourself to write melodies and songs. The technique is the tool. It’s your most useful friend to express what’s inside. We’ll unlock that together.”

“Ultimately, the main goal of Vai Academy is for everybody in attendance to feel incredibly enthusiastic when thinking about their goals, their future and connection to the instrument, and to make some new friends, maybe find a new bandmate or two, and have a great time.”

Attendees who register by Nov. 24 will receive a BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal, TC Electronic Polytune Clip and a copy of the Tone Wizards eBook upon arrival to Vai Academy.

For more information, including a variety of registration options, visit vaiacademy.com