The SONA Foundation Partners With Backline To Launch Therapy Assistance Project (TAP)

Created by The SONA Foundation and spearheaded by songwriters Kay Hanley (Board Chair, The SONA Foundation) and Anne Preven (Board Vice-Chair, The SONA Foundation), TAP demystifies therapy, supports songwriters, and eliminates financial obstacles to mental health access.

“It’s been such a blast to work alongside my friend Anne Preven in our new roles with The SONA Foundationand helping to launch the Therapy Assistance Project. In my 30 years as a professional songwriter, one of the most confounding challenges I’ve faced has been how to grapple with my mental health in an industry that has historically provided very little recognition - much less support - of the need for mental health care resources. Hat tip to Arielle Silver, Kellie Brown, and Michelle Lewis for shepherding this program to the finish line - I’m so proud of us!” - Kay Hanley (Board Chair, The SONA Foundation)

The SONA Foundation has announced the launch of TAP. Songwriters will be able to apply for grants up to $1500 that will be paid directly to the service provider. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed weekly. Each week, the Program Manager sends new applications stripped of identifying info to the TAP Grant review team.

To celebrate the launch of the TAP program, Anne Preven hosted a fundraising concert at her home in LA earlier this year that featured performances from supporting songwriters Tom MorelloWendy Melvoin and Nina Gordon. Guests also participated in a small silent auction that included a guitar signed by each iconic artist. The night was an amazing kickoff event for TAP that saw the SONAverse come together with passionate creators and guests to celebrate TAP and champion the importance of mental health.

Tom has also been a huge advocate about the importance of mental health in his philanthropic work and activism and has been committed to his support of TAP and The SONA Foundation.

“Mental health should be accessible to all.  And yet a lot of folks don’t know where to begin and don’t have insurance that covers the help they need. I am proud to support The SONA Foundation’s TAP grant program which offers financial assistance and mental health resources to music creators in need. - Tom Morello (GRAMMY-winning Singer/Songwriter)

The SONA Foundation has partnered with mental health provider Backline to connect songwriters in need of a therapist with Backline’s trusted network of mental health and wellness providers.

Learn more about applying for a TAP grant by visiting: sonafoundation.com/tap-grants