Engineer Nick Mac Expands his Focusrite Arsenal in his Recording Setup

In his role as the chief engineer at Electric Feel Entertainment’s production studios, which houses a lineup of A-list artists, producers, songwriters, brands and partners, Nick Mac, whose engineering credits include Post Malone, The Kid Laroi, 24kGoldn, Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, YG, Future, and more, has consistently relied on the Focusrite ISA 428 multichannel microphone preamplifier, ISA 430 channel strip and ISA One mic pre/DI.

More recently, when Electric Feel recommissioned the studio with all-new wiring, a Solid State Logic AWS 924 Delta analog mixing console, Genelec monitors and an aesthetic facelift, acoustic improvements and more, Mac added a Focusrite Red 16Line multichannel A/D D/A interface, the ISA ADN2 two-channel A/D card and RedNet AM2 stereo audio monitoring unit to his equipment arsenal, to take his system to the next level.

Currently Mac is working on a number of different projects and employing Focusrite as part of his workflow:

“I’ve been using the 16Line with our SSL 924 to kind of do a hybrid mix situation, because I really enjoy faders and EQs and things that I can touch outside of the box – things that I think not only speed up but also improve my workflow. And I’ve been running vocals through the desk, along with strings and choir, and doing mix passes with those faders and automating everything as I’m printing – by hand in real time by doing fader moves – which I’ve really enjoyed. The 16Line makes that incredibly easy, especially having the patch points on the front of my rig. I’m able to run stereo pairs or whatever I want out onto the desk, do what I need to do, and bring it back. And the A-to-D conversion is incredible, and I feel like I’m not losing anything. If anything, I’m only gaining things, and there’s no compromise. It’s just been nothing but enjoyable to work like that, and the sonics are just incredible.”

For further information, head to www.focusrite.com