Ear Trumpet Labs Releases Barrel-Aged Mics

In collaboration with Culmination Brewing Company, the team at Ear Trumpet Labs has taken their handcrafted microphones to the next level. Starting in 2020, three of their best-selling Edwina microphones were aged in a white oak Heaven Hill bourbon barrel for 365 days to explore the possibilities of enriched sound quality. The result is remarkable, with each microphone bearing a unique patina and sonic quality all its own.

Founder of Ear Trumpet Labs, Philip Graham, shares how this novel idea came about, "We are always looking for new ways to elevate our products and I'm just shocked that we had never thought of this before. One day the lightning bulb went off when I was walking past Culmination, I mean what better way to improve the sound quality of a microphone than to have it sit in a rich bourbon-aged barrel for a year. I think we're really onto something here."

Rich, full-bodied, smoky top notes abound with a solid oaky bottom, showcasing all of the character of their best-selling Edwina model with added flavor. Customers have the rare opportunity to purchase a barrel-aged microphone on a special page on the Ear Trumpet Labs website.

To learn more visit EarTrumpetLabs.com/barrel