The Next Music Generation Global Band Search

The Next Music Generation entertainment brand is looking for talented singers, songwriters, guitarists, violists, pianists, keyboardists, drummers, bass players, etc., from all over the world to make up its Musical Band.

Submitting your self tape audition entry is easy.
When you are done recording your self tape audition entry video, kindly send it to [email protected].

And if you have any inquiries, comments, and/or complaints about the submission, kindly contact us at [email protected].

For now, there is no deadline for the submission of your self tape audition. This means that you
can start sending in your entries from now till when the management decides to put a deadline
on the entry submission.

Purchase for the Band Self Tape Auditions is $25.00 per Submission.

To complete and validate your registration for the Next Music Generation Band audition, each artist is required to make a payment purchase of $25.00 per submission.

What is the Next Music Generation?
The Next Music Generation (TNMG) is an entertainment brand that is not just all about entertainment, but we are all about helping talented and up and coming artists unravel, explore, build, and project their talents to the world.

The Next Music Generation (TNMG) is that platform that gives an equal and unique opportunity to musical artists all over the world, irrespective of where you are resident, to do what they love to do best (making good music), become a part of a thriving musical community, and get to showcase their talents to audiences in different geographical locations in the world.

More so, working with The Next Music Generation (TNMG) entertainment brand allows musical artists to work with professional DJ’s, music supervisors, beats producers, and other musical giants who would lend their knowledge and craft to the growth and success of the artists in the Next Music Generation Band. Needless to say that the Next Music Generation (TNMG) entertainment brand is the place for any artist to realize their dreams of becoming popular and world-famous. And it doesn’t matter what genre of music you do or what instrument you are talented in, once you are dedicated to growing your craft and become successful at it, TNMG is home for you and your craft!