Zylia Creates Demo with Fully Navigable High-Resolution Audio

Zylia, a technology leader in 3D audio recording created a new demo that shows possibilities of fully navigable 6 degrees of freedom audio technology introduce in the ZYLIA 6DoF VR/AR set. The team is constantly working on providing state-of-the-art solutions in the field of 3D audio recording and post-production and recently presented the new technology that allows recording high-resolution 3rd order Ambisonics sounds from concert halls, ambient soundscapes, and live concerts in a fully navigable way. It can be then rendered and used in virtual reality projects allowing users to flexibly move within a recorded scene.

The technology adopted in ZYLIA 6DoF VR/AR set allows us to record sounds from multiple places simultaneously - which then provides an unlimited number of possible listening spots around the area. You can move, turn around, tilt your head in any direction, and the sound will change corresponding to the position of your ears.

With this demonstration, you will experience fully navigable audio in six degrees of freedom. Try to move between the musicians on stage or stand in the audience, thanks to the rendered sound you will listen to the recording from different points, but also while you are walking the audio will change smoothly between these points.