The Gorillaz at the YouTube Theater

In the studio the Gorillaz are a one-man band with various special guest artists across different genres of music, but live it’s a whole band and a major production. Gorillaz played the YouTube Theater Sunday night (9/25). This could be considered an intimate show as they always play arenas and just two days earlier were playing the Kia Forum across the street. When Gorillaz come to L.A. you can expect a few guests that have collaborated on the albums. Gorillaz was started by Blur frontman Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett in 1998. In those days the internet was very different, there was no YouTube and cell phones were not common. It was quite a mystery what a Gorillaz show was like back then in 2001 during their first tour. Gorillaz would tour again in 2005-2006 for Demon Days, 2010 for Escape to Plastic Beach, 2017-2018 for Humanz, 2018 for The Now Now, 2021 for the Song Machine, and now their World Tour which is the first one not named for an album. In 2005 the Gorillaz & De La Soul performed at the Grammys along with Madonna for a mash-up of “Hung Up” and “Feel Good Inc,” a performance way ahead of its time. Guinness World Records named the Gorillaz as the Most Successful Animated Band. 

The Gorillaz (animated band) are lead vocalist/guitarist 2-D, bassist Murdoc Niccals, lead guitarist Noodle, and drummer Russel Hobbs. Gorillaz are just as popular every time they tour playing arenas each time. The touring band with Albarn is keyboardist Mike Smith who has played keys on every tour, Karl Vanden Bossche who played electronic drums on the previous tour as well, keyboardist Jesse Hackkett who was on the previous two tours, lead guitarist Jeff Wooton also from the previous two tours, and new members bassist Seye Adelkan, drummer Femi Koleoso, and percussionist Remi Kabaka Jr. There are also five backing vocalists. There were six guests throughout the show. Thundercat and Tame Impala appeared by video screen but were both in person for the Kia Forum show. 

Gorillaz played 28 songs and it was easy to see how many the audience knew. “M1 A1” was the opening song followed by the hit “Last Living Souls,” and on song three “Tranz” the Gorillaz made their first appearance of the night on the massive video screen behind the stage and side screens. Throughout the show seven songs from their biggest album Demon Days were performed. The album went 6x-Platinum and number 1 in the U.K. The first guest of the evening was none other than Beck eight songs in with “The Valley of the Pagans.” Beck would return again later for “Possession Island,” the last song before the encore. The guests continued with Earthgang, Fatoumata Diawara, Bootie Brown, and of course De La Soul for “Feel Good Inc.” Del the Funky Homosapien came out for the final two encore songs “Rock the House” and “Clint Eastwood.” When you hear these songs on the albums it really does sound like a virtual band and you see it live with the whole touring band and visuals it's quite an experience. Albarn not only sang, but played guitar, piano, melodica, and keytar.


  1. M1 A1
  2. Last Living Souls
  3. Tranz
  4. White Light
  5. Tomorrow Comes Today
  6. 19-2000
  7. Rhinestone Eyes
  8. The Valley of the Pagans
    (with Beck)
  9. Cracker Island
  10. O Green World
    (Damon piano intro)
  11. On Melancholy Hill
  12. El Mañana
  13. New Genious (Brother)
  14. Empire Ants
  15. Skinny Ape
  16. Kids With Guns
  17. Opium
    (with EARTHGANG)
  18. Désolé
    (with Fatoumata Diawara)
  19. Andromeda
    (D.R.A.M. Special vocal outro)
  20. Dirty Harry
    (with Bootie Brown)
  21. DARE
  22. Feel Good Inc.
    (with De La Soul)
  23. Momentary Bliss
  24. Possession Island


28. Clint Eastwood
(with Del the Funky Homosapien) (and Sweetie Irie, with "Ed Case/Sweetie Irie Re-fix" outro)