Tech 21 Demos SansAmp Pedals

"It’s a classic for a reason…You should absolutely have this [the SansAmp GT2] in your arsenal. …this is going to give you the goods, as far as tone is concerned.” —Nick Jennison of Guitar Interactive

With the SansAmp GT2's combination of three 3-mode voicing switches, a 2-band active EQ, and a massive range of gain, you can conjure up just about any amp tone you can imagine.
The Screaming Blondefrom Tech 21's SansAmp Character Plus Series

"Really, really cool, very useful product...smaller than your average chocolate bar...I'd happily use one of these on a gig..." —Sam Bell of Guitar Interactive

Sam Bell demos the Screaming Blonde, one of four pedals from our SansAmp Character Plus Series.