TASCAM and iZotope Collaborate to Bring a Streamlined Workflow to Music Production

TASCAM has announced that it is now including a free full version of iZotope’s Neutron Elements, a suite of machine-learning music mixing software, with its SERIES 102i and SERIES 208i audio/MIDI interface units. This collaboration between TASCAM and iZotope brings a streamlined workflow solution to digital and desktop music producers, recording enthusiasts or those seeking to create and mix professional-quality music in the studio or on the go.

Both the TASCAM SERIES 102i and 208i offer up to 24-bit/192 kHz sample resolution, transparent, natural-sounding, ultra-low noise Ultra-HDDA mic preamplifiers and XLR/TRS combo mic/line/instrument inputs.

iZotope’s Neutron Elements mixing software integrates a Compressor, Exciter, Transient Shaper, and EQ with Soft Saturation mode into a single interface. The software’s unique Track Assistant feature is the first-ever intelligent mixing solution that can listen to audio and dial in a custom preset array of plug-in parameters for an optimal mix — all in under 10 seconds.

This collaborative workflow solution now offered by TASCAM and iZotope enables recording directly into a DAW through the TASCAM SERIES 102i or 208i with delivery of a professional quality mix in a matter of seconds using Neutron Elements’ Track Assistant feature. This elegant workflow addresses a common problem — that of a great song or track getting passed over, ignored or rejected because its appeal is lost or marginalized by a poor mix.

The TASCAM SERIES 102i audio/MIDI interface offers two XLR/TRS combo mic/line/instrument inputs, one optical S/MUX expansion port that accepts up to 8 channels of audio input (10 total inputs) and two ¼-inch analog outputs and dual headphone outputs for versatile monitoring.

The TASCAM SERIES 208i audio/MIDI interface offers four XLR/TRS combo mic/line/instrument inputs, two optical S/MUX expansion ports that accept up to 16 channels of audio input (20 total inputs) and eight ¼-inch analog line outputs for versatile monitoring and up to 7.1 surround audio.

Both the TASCAM SERIES 102i and 208i feature integrated MIDI functionality, built-in processing including reverb and can be fully controlled with TASCAM Control Software.

“TASCAM is thrilled to be associated with a world-class innovator such as iZotope,” said Paul Youngblood, director of product marketing for TASCAM. “The combination of iZotope’s Neutron 3 Elements and a TASCAM SERIES interface provides maximum creativity and audio quality.”

"We are very excited to work with TASCAM as they have been a mainstay in the recording industry for decades," said Scott Simon, director of corporate and business development at iZotope. "This new collaboration will help ensure the best possible mix for the TASCAM community."

For more information on the TASCAM SERIES 102i and 208i audio/MIDI interfaces with iZotope's Neutron Elements, visit this link.

For more information on TASCAM products, visit tascam.com.