Taco Bell Launches Feed The Beat Program In The UK

High Vis | credit: Cindy Frey

Taco Bell is taking its signature Feed The Beat® US program global, making waves as it arrives in the UK! The programme, which debuted in the UK in January, fuels up-and-coming artists with Taco Bell, while shining a spotlight on emerging talent in the music scene.

To mark the UK launch, Taco Bell proudly features High Vis, one of the inaugural UK Feed the Beat artists, in its new TV ad, which launched nationwide 5 March. Their song “Fever Dream”soundtracks Taco Bell's latest Cravings Burrito advert, airing from 5 March to 6 May 2024. With their electrifying sound, hardcore grit and boundary-pushing creativity, High Vis embodies the programme’s spirit.

As a band from the UK, touring the US is an absolute world away. The drives are insanely long, and you can easily become crippled on a diet of service station snacks, crisps and sweets,” offers High Vis vocalist Graham Sayle. "Taco Bell and the ‘Feed the Beat’ initiative properly saved us on numerous occasions. Organising free food for our band and crew, all across the country. If you ask any touring band they’ll agree it’s by far the best option when eating on the road. So when they asked if we were up for having ‘Fever Dream’ featured on an advert for their new UK stores, we were more than happy to oblige!”

Grammy-nominated, American rock phenoms Portugal. The Man have a longstanding relationship with Taco Bell, taking part in the Feed The Beat program back in 2010. That relationship continues through today, with two new adverts currently airing in the U.S. Discussing, frontman John Gourley noted, “Taco Bell really fed all these young bands coming up, When you think about how many vegan, straight edge bands we toured with, and vegetarian, and diet restrictions. You couldn’t do that anywhere else. Taco Bell was really that place that fed us all. Feed The Beat is a really really great program and I’m really thankful for it.”

At its core, Feed the Beat is about discovery – helping connect the bands with fans and Taco Bell fans with bands. Besides picking up the taco tab for artists while they're on tour, Taco Bell also gives artists the chance to have their music featured in Taco Bell adverts and provides amplification through Taco Bell’s social presence.

Since its start in 2006, Feed the Beat has been a driving force behind artist discovery and fan engagement for Taco Bell in the US. The programme has backed over 2,000 artists and bands from their earliest days making music and hitting the road, including the likes of HalseyImagine DragonsWhite Reaper, and more recently TurnstileMilitarie Gun, , Meet Me @ The AltarArmani WhiteTeezo TouchdownScowl and many others.

In addition to High Vis, Feed The Beat is thrilled to welcome local UK artists joining the programme, including Neck DeepFelixthe1st and MISOGI. Learn more about the programme and Feed The Beat artists at - FeedTheBeat.com