The Dazies live review - Photo by Apple Kaufmann

Live Review: The Dazies at O'Brien's Pub in Boston, MA

Material: Like a comet hurtling through space, Boston-based power pop trio the Dazies burns bright. Fast and fun, their set includes a song by Ireland’s the Undertones as well as an ode to Allston, MA. Their brief, effervescent songs radiate warmth and hope, turning a defiant punk attitude into a depression-smashing sledgehammer. Influences include Guided By Voices, Gram Parsons and the Figgs.

Musicianship: Featuring the holy trinity of bass, drums and guitar, the Dazies display bright tones and sharp notes, creating a wide-eyed sense of wonder, while their tight song structures and high energy move things along at a rapid clip. Holland’s peppery
 vocals conform nicely to the contours of their musical mood. Beyond their technical abilities, their airtight presentation sells the overall package, which simultaneously works to their disadvantage as well—rarely straying from the confines of their carefully mapped plan saps them of any sense of danger.

Performance: Having injured his foot via a stage diving incident, frontman Holland could hardly be expected to slither about the stage à la Mick Jagger. Despite this handicap, the band effectively countered by leveraging Holland’s inherently amiable stage presence. Yet, at barely 23 minutes, their set was never at risk of becoming boring. Channeling the spirit of hardcore ghosts past, their songs typically conclude before having the chance to truly soar.

Summary: There’s value in a musical vision that pairs an optimistic outlook with raw
beats. Who couldn’t use a bit more sunshine in their life? But the Dazies’ hot injection of peace and love wears off almost as quickly
as it takes hold. Most acts achieve their most interesting moments when breaking form and Holland and company are no exception. And while there’s nobility in leaving an audience wanting more, leaving a crowd unfulfilled isn’t the same outcome and the Dazies tread a fine line between the two. There’s still road left to travel before they fulfill their ultimate, joyful promise.

The Players: Mikey Holland, guitar, lead vocals; Kurt Schneider, bass, backing vocals; John Drislane, drums.

Photo by Apple Kaufmann

Venue: O’Brien’s Pub
City: Boston, MA
Contact: [email protected]

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