Sunday Cruise Sign to Lauren Records

Chicago-based artist Sunday Cruise will release their newest single "Oh Lover, Why?" via Lauren Records after recently signing to the label.

"Oh Lover, Why?" tells a story of a failing relationship and the painful yet inevitable end. It captures the bittersweet essence of longing for the feeling of being loved like you had before, while still having the courage to move forward. The catchy melody, brutally honest lyrics, and dreamy guitars deliver a dramatic, heart-heavy ‘getting over love song.’


Sunday Cruise is an alternative indie pop band from Chicago, Illinois. They make music reflecting the struggles of finding your identity, young adulthood, love and loneliness and mental health struggles, hidden under the guise of romantic melodies and upbeat tempos. They draw inspiration from genres ranging from punk to ska to pop to create their unique sound. The band is made up of singer/guitarist Zoe Garcia, guitarist Camden Kiefer, drummer Levi Hansen and bassist Cassidy McGill.