MGK and Young Thug

MGK + Young Thug at the Hollywood Palladium

The last stop of the ironically named “Justin Bieber Tour” hit the Hollywood Palladium on Nov. 18. A rather unlikely duo of Machine Gun Kelly and Young Thug drew an interesting crowd to the venue—a mix of fans wearing old MGK merch to elaborate streetwear looks. As the show started, the giant white skull that stood in the middle of the stage began to rotate around, revealing MGK on the back panel. Donning a balaclava, he rapped with explosive energy with songs from his album Hotel Diablo. Leaping off the rotating skull, MGK sprinted down the ramp from the upper level of the stage, sliding and almost falling into the pit. Unphased, he continued his setlist, with hits like “5:3666” and “el Diablo.” A highlight of the set was when he leaped off the stage to the front of the barricade, causing the crowd to go wild. Seconds later, from the stage, he jumped and pulled himself up to the railing of the balcony, to everyone’s surprise and horror. The fans simultaneously excitedly tried to take selfies with MGK while those from the ground floor held their breaths hoping that he didn’t fall. He didn’t—instead, he nimbly walked around the railing, not missing a beat with his rapping, and swung back down to the stage moments later. He then spotted an 8-year-old girl at the front of the barricade, who he brought up to the white skull to sing “Candy Shop”—then doing another version of the song with the original collaborator Trippie Redd. There is no shortage of special guests in this set, as MGK also brought out Naomi Wild for “Glass House” and Travis Barker for “I Think I’m OKAY.” He also showed off his impressive range of talents, showcasing his impressive percussion and guitar skills. 

Young Thug began his set around 30 minutes later, during which the giant skull was impressively disassembled and put away. In contrast to MGK’s explosive energy, Young Thug glided effortlessly around the stage, in an elaborate, quilted cape, opening with “On the Run.” He then brought out MGK again for their song “Ecstacy.” The two hugged warmly at the end of the set and the crowd cheered. He continued with hits like “Surf” and  “Check.” Not to be topped for special guests, Thugger brought out T.I. for their hit “About the Money,” RJ for “Time,” and King Combs for “Love You Better.” The crowd went wild when the final surprise guest was Migos. They joined Young Thug, playing their hits “Pure Water,” “Pick Up the Phone,” “Bad and Boujee” and “Ric Flair Drip.” Thugger ended his with high energy hits like “Hot” and “Bad Bad Bad,” before closing with “The London.” 

While I would have never expected a full tour from the duo, Machine Gun Kelly and Young Thug both brought a unique energy to the table, and it was a vastly enjoyable night. A closing night in Los Angeles filled with light shows, extravagant set design, and a stacked roster of guests was extremely memorable to say the least. 




Young Thug