Submit to HEAR NOW Composers Festival

In 2023 HEAR NOW will begin a new phase of its original mission and will add a concert event of multidisciplinary projects involving LA composers and artists from other mediums—dance, image, theatre, graphic arts, etc.

Eligibility: HEAR NOW is a festival of the music of Los Angeles composers. If you are a composer primarily based in the Los Angeles area you are eligible.

If you are already involved in a collaboration with an artist from another discipline, and are interested in having it performed in HEAR NOW 2023, please describe your project.

Commissions are available for the composers and for the artists with whom they are working to create a new piece.

These projects will be performed in a theatrical space and all the necessary equipment –- lights, sound, etc — will be available.

Send project descriptions to HEAR NOW as soon as possible since the fest might need time and dialoguing to understand what you and your collaborator(s) have in mind and what is feasible within parameters.

Absolute deadline: November 1, 2022 11:59pm

EMAIL: [email protected] and put MULTIDISCIPLINARY PROJECT in the subject line.