Submit Songs to PlayTheGroove

PlayTheGroove has launched a new listening portal, with new music for secondary jazz ensembles for remote, blended/flipped, or in-class situations.
PlayTheGroove is seeking to add real songs, from real artists with real, professional recordings, to its library. "As we complete a brand new set of world/global music from Bengal, Ghana, Guinea, Chile, the U.S., and Finland, we want to keep new artists coming in."
PlayTheGroove created a separate Song Submission page that tells you all about how to send a submission. They need original music that’s playable in middle and high school ensembles (teenagers), so easier is better. But it also needs to have that certain cool factor that appeals to young players.
Since we’re largely instrumental, we need songs with a clear, strong, catchy melody or hook, interesting harmony, and a dynamic groove. Vocal tunes are OK if they meet the above criteria. We like all genres. Diverse styles make the world go round.
Visit, or refer artists, to Song Submission page.