Sublime announces Logo Competition winners

Sublime, UMe, and Creative Allies have announced Janosch Wengenroth of Germany as the winner of the worldwide logo design competition, launched in honor of the 25th anniversary of Sublime’s formation. In addition to celebrating Sublime’s newest logo, on Oct. 21, 1995, Sublime recorded an unforgettable Palace performance which was released in June as 3-Ring Circus: Live at the Palace – October 21, 1995.


While Sublime’s iconic logos have become synonymous with the influential California trio, the band called on their fans to create a new design to represent the group’s anniversary year, and now Wengenroth’s winning logo will be added to that long list of beloved band imagery. Wengenroth's artwork will be used to represent the famed trio of late frontman/guitarist/songwriter Bradley Nowell, bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh for this anniversary year. Additionally, Wengenroth has won an exclusive Sublime prize pack containing the deluxe editions of Sublime and 3-Ring CircusRobbin’ The Hood on vinyl, and a copy of Everything Under the Sun along with a cash prize.


Sublime’s influence is still felt with musicians and fans throughout the world. 25 years ago, on July 4, Sublime performed their first official show (sometimes infamously referred to as the “Peninsula Riot”) in Long Beach, CA and went on to release one of the most publicly adored and critically acclaimed hit albums of the 1990’s, sublimeSublime included four singles that topped modern rock charts in the 90’s, as well as continued to fuel the band’s inclusion on Top 5 all-time requested lists today. To date, the band has amassed a stellar 1.5 million radio plays of its highly-respected catalog of hits including "Santeria," "Wrong Way," "Doin' Time," "Smoke Two Joints," "Badfish," "Caress Me Down," "Date Rape," "April 29, 1992 (Miami),"  and "40 oz. To Freedom."


UMe, Geffen, Gasoline Alley and Skunk Records released 3-Ring Circus: Live at the Palace – October 21, 1995 in three package configurations. The DVD package contains the live concert video, which is newly edited using Hi-8 video and recently discovered 16mm and Super 8 film footage; a CD version containing the live concert audio; and a 2DVD+CD Deluxe package featuring the audio and video, the original Hi-8 Palace concert video (unedited), an exclusive poster and laminated backstage pass housed in an eco-friendly 8-panel softpak, as well as an additional bonus concert video of Sublime live at the Las Palmas Theater (from February 17, 1995).


For more information on Sublime, visit www.facebook.com/Sublime and http://sublimelbc.com/.