Signing Story: Stoney Larue--How He Got Signed

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The charismatic and lyrically astute singer/songwriter Stoney Larue was born in southern Texas but relocated to Stillwater, OK as a teenager, where he discovered the “Red Dirt” music community. It was an experience that set him on the path to creative enlightenment. “It was kind of a commune really,” says Larue. “It was a songwriting collective where I met fellow songwriters like Jason Boland, Mike McClure and Cody Canada. Each was into rock, country or somewhere in between. I like to be a chameleon whenever I’m around anybody, so I just absorbed all of that. It’s the inevitability of being around stuff that motivates you.”

Further collaborations with Tulsa musicians the Organic Boogie Band got Larue fronting a group, which led to extensive touring and the recording of his debut independently released album Downtown. “I’d been on the road for 16 years and was never signed,” says Larue. “I’ve had a couple of opportunities, but I always felt I was not able to express myself artistically. I knew I wasn’t gonna send a label the poppiest thing I had or what I knew would sell. I was gonna send what I did and they passed on it every time.”

“I’d been on the road for 16 years

and was never signed.”

Over the years Larue had maintained a friendly relationship with Van Fletcher, who was originally with Universal South. When he joined Entertainment One, he pursued Larue and was instrumental in brokering a deal. “Entertainment One is one of the biggest production companies for television and music in the world,” continues the soft spoken Oklahoman. “Working with Van is gonna be really cool. He obviously saw something in me that others didn’t. I know what the template is for writing songs and there is a general way of doing it. I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing. It’s just not my way. Things needed to happen exactly the way they were supposed to.”

Stoney Larue’s upcoming album for Entertainment One is entitled Aviators and is set for global release, Oct. 28. “People have told me it’s a little bit more refined and defined,” explains Larue. “I guess that comes with wisdom from the road. At least I’d like to think I’m somewhat wise after playing out there all this time. I can’t confirm or deny that, but I do know what not to do.”  – Eric A. Harabadian