Static and Surrender

Album Review: Static and Surrender by Static and Surrender (8/10)

For this San Francisco band it is all about the songs, pure and simple. Forged with a ‘90s sensibility and meticulously well crafted, this group’s sound is packaged and ready to go. Tunes like “If Only We Could Sleep” and “You Won’t Remember Me” recall the great hooks and harmonies of acts like Crowded House and Toad the Wet Sprocket. “Slow Crash” has a flair for the dramatic, while rockers “Not Another Dime” and “The Very Long Night” flow with a Gin Blossoms feel. The single “Fall on the Blade” is very strong and spotlights the band’s innate ability to match stellar melodies with gripping storylines.

Funzalo Records
Producer: Jim Greer
Rating: 8/10