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Sound Royalties Expands to Canada with Vanessa Thomas

U.S.-based Sound Royalties continues to build its international network of regional representatives in important music markets, to connect more closely with local clients searching for financing for their next big project or tour. The latest initiative is in Toronto, Canada, led by Vanessa Thomas. 

Thomas has more than two decades of music industry experience, including six years running Canada’s Songwriters Hall of Fame as part of her work with SOCAN. Thomas is looking forward to applying her industry knowledge and long-standing relationships to build a healthier music business ecosystem in Canada. 

The Canadian team joins other international representatives in London and South America. These new affiliates will follow the same artist friendly approach designed to maximize musicians’, songwriters’, labels’, and other music businesses' ability to thrive financially. In addition, they will help Sound Royalties forge new partnerships and relationships to further boost the music business in their regions.

“We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers so that we can provide them with the best funding solutions that match their needs, and that means finding experts in their markets who know exactly what music creators need. Vanessa fits that bill perfectly,” says Alex Heiche. “We also want to continue our work with strong partners in these regions to grow the overall industry and create a stable, prosperous ecosystem of music creators, labels, distributors, and other music professionals, so that every creator can do better.”

Canada is a unique market that regularly produces many hit songs relative to market size and is shaped by notable arts funding. The relationship between Sound Royalties and Vanessa Thomas is an opportunity to enhance the country’s funding models and align more closely with artists’, songwriters’, and labels’ rapidly changing financial needs. Thomas sees Sound Royalties as providing a much-needed additional approach to expand on existing institutions and funding opportunities.

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