How to Use Social Media in the Independent Music Industry Space

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As published originally by TuneCore, here are 5 Tips on How to Use Social Media in the Independent Music Industry Space:

Content is King: What kind of content that is will vary from artist to artist depending on what it is they like to do or what inspires them.  If it’s video content, set up a YouTube channel and start posting lyric videos, official music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, Vlogs, tour diaries, etc.  Make sure the content is stimulating and consistent.

Sync Social Media Platforms: Make sure to post this content on all of your other platforms as well so your Facebook fans know what’s happening on your YouTube channel.

Engage Fans: Be sure to involve your fans, engage with them, and listen to what they have to say. It’s important to also include links to your platforms on all of your profiles to encourage fans to subscribe and engage - this could be very helpful for planning your next piece of content!

Freebies and Facebook: A fan-gated app that requires a “like” in exchange for a free download is a great way to generate traffic on Facebook, which is great to run in conjunction with promoted posts. Promoted posts are a low-cost and effective way to target your audience and fans of your audience which will lead to increased likes, engagement and sharing. Giving away your music for free is a very effective tactic to encourage discovery, however, you should also have a product available for sale, even if it’s what you’re also offering for free. People will buy it if they can find it

Take advantage of your own numbers: We also advise taking advantage of your own numbers. If you have 15k Facebook fans but only 800 people on your mailing list, that’s a problem, and you should do everything you can to get those fans on your mailing list.

These tips were provided by TuneCore. See more at http://www.tunecore.com.