Composers John Nau & Andrew Feltenstein Discuss Anchorman: The Legend Continues

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Breakthrough: Casa de mi Padre
Latest: Better Living Through Chemistry, Anchorman: The Legend Continues

In a space that was once Joni Mitchell’s home studio is the home of Beacon Street Studios. Beacon Street is the home base of John Nau and Andrew Feltenstein.

The duo first gained the public’s attention in 2012 with score and songs for Will Ferrell’s Spanish soap opera spoof Casa de mi Padre. From there their resume quickly grew. Theirs is the sound behind Bachelorette, plus the upcoming Better Living Through Chemistry and Anchorman: The Legend Continues for which they provide both score and songs.

They may be bringing the bacon home for Beacon Street now, but the composing team first got together somewhere else. It was at another studio where they began scoring commercials which led to movies for HBO. They began building relationships.

“Directors we met went on to films and they took us with them,” explains Feltenstein.

“Knowing you can deliver is important,” adds his partner Nau. “Matt Piedmont’s (Emmy-winning writer, producer and director) jived with our music and the way we do business. Adam McKay (Anchorman director) liked us, and so far so good.”

It is not the quantity of work that keeps Nau and Feltenstein going, it is the quality. “People make movies all on MIDI or a keyboard,” says Feltenstein. “I don’t think that’s in their benefit to get to the next rung.”

“Go for broke,” adds Nau. “If we’re doing an indie film with very little money, we spend all the money to make the music as good as possible.”

The creative process is all for Nau and Feltenstein. Musicians first and foremost, their mantra is to always create music that really comes to life.