The MLC Introduces Lawyer Toolkit for Legal Professionals

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) has released a comprehensive toolkit, prepared by The MLC’s Educational Partnerships team, tailored to assist legal advisors and members of the music publishing community, including music publishers, songwriters, composers and lyricists, in finding answers to their frequently asked questions pertaining to The MLC. The MLC’s Lawyer Toolkit, and the website page where it is accessed from, brings together helpful information and organizes it in a way to provide legal advisors with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the world of mechanical licensing and royalties efficiently. 

Key features of The MLC’s Lawyer Toolkit include:  

  • Becoming a Member of The MLC: A guide for legal advisors and their clients on who should become a Member of The MLC and how to become a Member of The MLC. 
  • Royalty Distribution Timeline: A timeline that details The MLC's royalty distribution process, ensuring legal advisors can advise their clients on when to expect their royalties. 
  • Catalog Transfers: Information about how to access the procedures for catalog transfers, streamlining the process for legal advisors and their clients. 
  • Member Tools: An overview of the comprehensive tools available to members of The MLC, enabling legal advisors to help their clients maximize their benefits. 

The purpose of these materials is to provide general information about The MLC and is not intended to provide legal advice. Nothing contained within the materials should be construed as legal advice. 

For more information and to access The MLC’s Lawyer Toolkit, click here.