'Smart Rocker' Podcast Series from Kellie & Kimbra

The Kellie and Kimbra In The Moment podcast has shifted its focus to more music-related topics, starting with a "series" called the Smart Rocker Series. Recent podcasts are with Marc Ferrari (of Keel), who talks about starting a music publishing company for film and TV, which became very successful. Coming out within the next week or so is an interview with Jon Levin, the guitarist for Dokken.

Check out: youtu.be/cNzAOJkqGN4

Kimbra Westervelt and Kellie Nicholson chat with Marc Ferrari about the beginnings of his rock career, his influences, songwriting, and writing his first book. He remembers his first Kiss concert, the first time he heard Pantera, recording a song with them, and the evolution of his music publishing career.

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