Skye Delamey

Live Review: Skye Delamey at Whisky A Go Go

Material: Skye Delamey’s quartet delivers pop and rock music with elements of grunge. The sound is reminiscent of late ‘80s rock to early ‘90s grunge. The music ranges from mid-tempo riffs and danceable beats to slow, bluesy rockers. The songs have good rock appeal, depth and mettle, but the rhythms tend to waver from time to time. The band offers musical diversity in their choice of songs, material that draws inspiration from Delamey’s personal experiences. Those songs can be heard on the new album Untamed Circus.

Musicianship: Their show was theatrical and filled with memorable rock anthems similar to Nirvana, Green Day and other alternative artists. The songs elicited positive responses from the crowd and some of the fans were even dancing along. The band made a solid display of musical interludes that graced certain sections throughout the set.

Performance: The band’s stage presence at this show had an appealing look similar to rock acts from the ‘80s glitter scene. Delamey did a great job of interacting with fans and introducing songs with memorable, short stories. However, while the music sounded good, the (physical) performance aspect of the show left room for improvement. Specifically, the players need to move around more, thank the crowd for their support and Skye should introduce the players. Finally, the band must attend to its volume level, musical dynamics and playing in sync—rather than trying to compete—with each other

Summary: With frontwoman and primary songstress Skye Delamey at the mic, this band’s current lineup has potential as a contender in the alternative pop rock genre. Overall, the music sounds good, songwriting is there, vocals are solid, but there is room for improvement, mainly with crowd interaction and focusing on their stage presence to generate more movement during the show.

– Brian Biery

Whisky A Go Go West Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: skyedelamey.com
Players: Skye Delamey, vocals; Nikolay, lead/ rhythm guitars; Ben Richardson, drums; Razz, bass guitar