Zipper Club Signing Story

Signing Story: Zipper Club

Zipper Club signing story

Los Angeles-based Zipper Club began as a duo of experienced artists. Guitarist Mason James was previously in punk/alt band Cerebral Ballsy, while singer and multi-instrumentalist Lissy Trullie has had success as a solo artist. Damar Davis later joined them. The musical result is trippy, pleasant, intelligent music. A single and corresponding video, “Going The Distance,” has been recently released.

For these independent-leaning artists, it is surprising that they would sign with a major label. “[Signing with a major label] was super-unexpected,” says Mason James. “It was a bedroom project, and now we have the results. We really did it all on the seat of our pants!”

"I'm a huge fan of the label. They put out the Clash!"

The major-label hookup happened this way: James had a good friend who recommended him to their current manager, David Bason, which led to meetings with Epic Records and the eventual signing. It also didn’t hurt that James had previously worked with James Iha (former guitarist for Smashing Pumpkins). “He was the only producer that was on my list,” says James of Iha when it came to recording the tunes.

So why would a modern-day act like Zipper Club want to go with a major label when Do It Yourself is all the rage, and seemingly more affordable? Says James regarding Epic Records, “I’m a huge fan of the label. They put out the Clash!”

’Nuff said.

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