The Millenium - live review

Live Review: The Millenium at Wire in Berwyn, IL

Material: Hailing from Eau Claire, WI, the Millenium are relatively new to the music scene but have already had five support and two headlining tours. In 2014, they released their debut EP, It’s So Much Friendlier With Two, which consists of songs revolving around love, loss and learning. Their set consists of songs from their EP, as well as a few previously unreleased songs. Their musical style is a mixture of power pop, alternative and electronic dance.

Musicianship: Matt Hasenmueller is a dynamic frontman who commands the crowd. He has a wonderfully powerful voice that fits the Millenium’s distinct style. Drummer Brandon Bruyette’s timing is impeccable as he sometimes plays along to pre-programmed electronic music. Kyle Featherstone flawlessly doubles on keyboard and guitar, and along with Casey Sproatt on bass he provides a strong rhythmic backdrop for Kyle Culver’s dramatic guitar stylings.

Performance: The Millenium started off with their energetic pop-rock song, “Stay,” which had the entire band jumping around, pumping up the rather large crowd. They followed it with the keyboard-laden and dance-driven, “Why Don’t You.” “Interstates” began with a pre- programmed electronic sequence that morphed into power-pop.

Hasenmueller had fans clapping and singing along. The entire band ruled the stage like rock stars, interacting with the audience during “Ghost Town,” and had them jumping up and down on “Garnish Our Love.” Two songs before the end of the set, the band took a short break as their lead vocalist gave a pep talk to the crowd about living life without fear. They then lit things up with the new tune, “Wild Again,” where Sproatt walked through the audience clapping

his hands to get everyone involved. The band closed the set with “Take Me,” thanking the crowd during the song’s electronic breakdown, and then brought the energy back up again for a strong climax.

Summary: The Millenium are a force. Their audience loves them, and they know how to get the audience involved. In two short years they have accomplished what takes other bands 10. While their music tends to resonate best with millenials, they are altogether entertaining to watch and know how to command a crowd.

The Players: Matt Hasenmueller, vocals; Brandon Bruyette, drums; Kyle Culver, guitar; Kyle Featherstone, guitar, piano; Casey Sproatt, bass.

Photo by Mary Lemanski

Venue: Wire
Berwyn, IL
Contact: [email protected]
Web: themillenium.net

The Millenium - "Interstates"

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