Moog Debuts New Bass Synthesizer for iOS, macOS & Windows

Born from the depths of Moog Music's legacy in bass synthesis, Mariana breathes new life into electronic sound design techniques for the modern player or producer.  

A powerful creative companion, Mariana is designed for intuitive audio layering and processing, merging the soul of Moog bass with user-friendly technology for all digital creators. Optimized for vibrant bass sounds, Mariana invites users to dial in tones that span genres, easily form modulation pathways to create complex timbres, and sculpt distinct sounds that sit perfectly in any mix with built-in effects and compression. 

Mariana: The Next Evolution of Moog Bass 

Mariana is a dual-layer synthesizer, allowing you to mix together two completely different synthesizer sounds that can dynamically complement each other or be played duophonically. Each layer is built around two oscillators with precise and inventive controls to make your bass tone punch through a mix and stand out from the rest, with a sub-oscillator adding even more low-end weight. Two resonant Moog filters and a third filter specifically for the sub-oscillator let you shape your sound, adding warmth while rolling off high frequencies or pushing up the resonance for added bite. With stereo oscillators and crossover filter functionality, Mariana is optimized for quickly fine-tuning stereo content while simultaneously preserving a powerful mono bass foundation. 

Warm tube, tape, and overdrive saturation and a tight compressor add heaviness and glue to your bass lines while an illuminating real-time metering section lets you monitor your sounds and dial them in to a professional standard. Flexible built-in delay and chorus effects operate on separate layers and can expand the stereo image of your sounds while preserving a solid mono signal with high-pass filters. Whether designing your own bass tones from scratch or using one of the 200 included presets as a starting point, Mariana is an accessible and versatile tool for any modern production environment. And although Mariana is optimized for bass, it is fully capable of producing strong leads, punchy percussion, and multidimensional effects, making it possible to craft an entire song using this single instrument. 

Mariana’s intuitive user interface is designed for quick and efficient workflow while being fully equipped with three LFOs, three envelopes, and two random generators per layer. Combined with a creative and extremely deep modulation editor, Mariana excels at in-depth sound design and sounds that dynamically evolve over time. Nearly every parameter of Mariana can be modulated internally via MIDI, MPE, and virtual CV to build an interconnected ecosystem right in your DAW. With an optimized resizable user interface, expressive on-screen keyboard for iPad and standalone desktop versions, and seamless integration into any DAW (digital audio workstation), Mariana is the most accessible way to add the unmistakable Moog bass sound to your productions. 

Get started with Mariana here.

Exploring Mariana’s Key Sound Design Features 

Mariana includes all the tools necessary for creating deep, pulsating, professional bass sounds and more. Tone layering, parallel filtering, cross-over control, doubling and detune, compression, dynamic saturation, and surgical stereo placement are all built into Mariana for streamlined, recallable access to your favorite bass chain—without needing to load up additional processors. 

Modern Moog Bass: Mariana pulls from the lineage of classic Moog bass instruments (Minimoog Model D, Minitaur) to deliver a new bass synthesizer with cutting-edge features for sculpting powerful bass lines. 

Dual Layers: Two separate synthesizer layers allow for complementary sound stacks or independent duophonic playing that can be mixed together. 

Deep Modulation: A vast array of modulation sources, destinations, controllers, and functions with a deep mod matrix editor allow for complex modulation of nearly every parameter of Mariana. 

Intuitive Interface: A beautiful, resizable, and user-friendly interface gives you effortless control over your bass sounds. 

Metering and Compression: Built-in effects, compression, and metering let you add punch to your bass sounds and dial them in to a professional standard. 

Interconnectivity: Mariana can interact with the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins via virtual CV, creating a modular Moog ecosystem right in your DAW. 

Flexibility: Mariana can be used as a plug-in within your DAW, as a standalone app you can control via MIDI without the need for a DAW, and as an iPad app with an expressive on-screen keyboard controller. 

Preset Library: A vast library of presets covering a wide range of musical styles and genres provides a starting point for users to dive right into musical creation—or transform stock presets into something completely unique. 

For more about Mariana, visit Moog’s software website at software.moogmusic.com.  

Moog’s History of Bass Synthesis in Electronic Music 

Synthesized bass has transformed the way we hear and enjoy music for the better part of the last century. 

Spanning genres and styles, Moog has been synonymous with electronic bass since the 1960s. Bernie Worrell’s Model D revolutionized funk music and paved the way for West Coast hip-hop. Giorgio Moroder’s use of Moog bass to craft “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer brought with it a defining moment in disco. Rush’s Geddy Lee established the archetypal sound of prog rock with the help of Model D and Taurus. Synthesized bass has been a fixture of Trent Reznor’s sound (solo and with Nine Inch Nails), thanks in large part to his personal connection with the Minimoog Voyager.  

Bass has been the foundation for the sound and power of Moog instruments for decades. In a new video narrated by actor, writer, producer, and comedian H. Jon Benjamin, Moog invites you to journey through moments of the past and into the future of bass with a soundtrack built using all sounds from Mariana.  

Experience the Sounds of Mariana 

Whether using Mariana on iOS, macOS, or Windows, any player of any experience level can get started with the instrument by exploring its 200 included presets.  

Spanning genres and styles suitable for any creator, these sounds were professionally designed by Moog’s in-house Product team and electronic artists like Kyle Hall, Erin Barra, Bad Snacks, and Lisa Bella Donna. 

Listen to a selection of these sounds here

Free Guided Tutorial Videos 

Moog has teamed up with Thavius Beck, an experienced digital educational content creator, to demonstrate the depth and dynamic features of Mariana for users new to sound design in the software space. In this hour-long deep dive, Thavius breaks down specific aspects of the synth while making a full song exclusively using Mariana. This tutorial will provide Mariana users with a clear overview of the instrument, what makes it unique, how to approach sound design, and tips to build a complete track with this new synthesizer. Watch the video on Moog’s YouTube. 

Plus, Moog debuts three new guided walkthroughs to its informative Demo Library series on YouTube. Each demonstration highlights a unique way to use Mariana as either a standalone instrument or within a multi-effects environment inside commonly used DAWs like Ableton. Visit the Moog Demo Library to watch.  

Developing a Modern Moog Bass Synthesizer 

Moog Music has long been a pioneer in electronic bass, from the iconic Minimoog Model D to the Taurus Bass Pedals, Sub Phatty, and Minitaur. Mariana continues this tradition in the form of a groundbreaking software synthesizer for iOS, MacOS, and Windows.  

Following the success of last year’s Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins release, the Product team at Moog in Asheville, NC, has been hard at work on the next great-sounding Moog software synthesizer. Moog’s small group of software engineers brought this vision to life working closely alongside in-house industrial design, branding, and product experts to ensure Mariana looks, sounds, and behaves with the quality and character of every bass-forward Moog instrument before it. 

Optimized for vibrant bass sound, Mariana is a powerful tool for artists and musicians across all genres and workflows. Explore this instrument here. 

Limited-Time Introductory Pricing: Mariana Is Now 50% Off 

Mariana is now available to download and explore on Moog’s website, through the App Store, and with trusted Moog partners worldwide. For a limited time, Mariana is only $14.99 USD (regularly $29.99) for iOS mobile devices and $49 USD (regularly $99) for macOS/Windows use.  

To get started, visit software.moogmusic.com

More about Moog Music 
Moog Music is the world’s leading producer of theremins and analog synthesizers. The company and its customers carry on the legacy of its founder, electronic musical instrument pioneer Dr. Bob Moog. Learn more here.