EvilDead Can't Do Without Their Schecter Signature Flying V

Juan Garcia of thrash metal band Evil Dead, as well as Ice-Ts Bodycount, told us about this favorite guitar.

Juan Garcia: I have an arsenal of guitars that I use in the studio and for live-shows. My Schecter Signature Flying V is a super comfortable instrument to play; specially with our demanding style of Rock/Thrash Metal; it’s my go to guitar without a doubt. I can’t say enough great things about this instrument; it comes in a satin black reign finish loaded with EMG 81 black chrome active pick ups, an ebony fretboard with a thin “C” shape neck for a relaxed playing experience at a very affordable price.

It delivers a crushing tone through my 100 Watt EVH amplifier, it also sounds great through various analog or solid state amplifiers as well, and also when using digital plug ins. I’m very picky about staying in tune, and this guitar can take a pounding and abusing down picking, drips of sweat and it stays in perfectly in tune even under heat, and cold conditions.

I recently used my Schecter signature guitar to record on our recent upcoming EvilDead album “Toxic Grace” due out May 24th and will also be using it live throughout Europe on the upcoming Body Count tour that starts in June, 2024.

Juan Garcia Schecter Juan-of-the-Dead V-1: https://www.schecterguitars.com/141-juan-of-the-dead-body-count