Signing Story: Warren Zeiders

Date Signed: Jan. 28, 2022

Label: Warner Records

Type of Music: Country

Management: Charly Salvatore - Underscore Works - [email protected]

Booking: Jeff Krones, Bobby Cory & Darin Murphy - CAA Nashville, [email protected]

Legal: Atticus George Carroll - Warner Records, Christian Barker - [email protected]

Publicity: Rick Gershon - [email protected]

Web: warrenzeiders.com

A&R: Isaac Green

Country star Warren Zeiders was merely a college athlete when his social media postings began going viral. As an extrovert in the age of COVID, he’d felt the urge to get online. He believes the genuine rapport he built with his audience was unshakeable because there was no pretense or motive other than sharing his artistry. Suddenly, the young songwriter had hundreds of millions of TikTok views. This spurred a self-released EP, sales of which forced the industry to take notice.

Although he hadn’t been looking for fame or even a career in music, that’s precisely the opportunity that came his way. He had to think closely about whether he wanted to follow such a path. The 22-year-old met with a host of interested labels, including Republic and Capitol.

Warner Records reached out to Zeiders’ manager, Charly Salvatore. “He’s had an incredible influence on me,” praises the Hershey, PA native. He took Salvatore’s suggestion to visit the label seriously.

The moment Zeiders walked into Warner’s offices, he felt comfortable. CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck and president Tom Corson immediately clicked with his vision. “It was super important to me to build a connection with the people that run the label,” reveals the “Ride the Lighting” singer. “They had a true passion for what I was doing. That’s something I wanted to see.” In a nutshell, his decision came down to gut instinct.

Though this is his first signing, Zeiders has no doubts he made the right choice. What matters to him most is that he has the ability to create music he can “hang his hat on.” “I’m truly grateful to have this position,” he unpretentiously utters, “and looking forward to the future.”

Zeiders’ most recent single, “Dark Night,” was released in March. Expect another single and possibly a second EP before long.