Signing Story: Prep

Date Signed: November 2019

Label: Bright Antenna Records

Band Members: Tom Havelock, vocalist-lyricist; Llywelyn ap Myrddin, keyboardist; Guillaume Jambel, drummer; Dan Radclyffe, guitar

Type of Music: Indie Pop/Alternative

Management: Will Gresford - TripTik Management, 44-788-748-4226

Booking: Mitch Blackman - ICM (USA), icmpartners.com/contact; Ryan Penty - Paradigm (UK), paradigmagency.com/contact/london

Legal: Berkeley Edwards - Clintons, clintons.co.uk/node/53

Publicity: Mikaela Duhs - Shore Fire Media, 718-522-7171, mduhs@ shorefire.com

Web: prepofficial.com

A&R: Braden Merrick

The members of London-based indie-pop outfit Prep took their act on the road early and often. That work ethic landed them their first EP contract and also sent them back out on tour. An album deal with Northern California label Bright Antenna Records followed soon thereafter. In short, the harder they worked, the more they played.

“Before Bright Antenna, we’d done a few EP deals,” vocalist Tom Havelock recalls. “The first was with L.A. label B3SCI Records. We toured through Los Angeles in the winter of 2018 for a show at [bar and studio] Gold-Diggers. Natalie [Jones] of Bright Antenna was in the audience and emailed us the next day. She’s a flautist and one of our songs has a sort of flute-drop in the middle. She loved it and tipped off the rest of the label. They got in touch, we kept the conversation going and they asked us if we wanted to do an album.”

“We didn’t reach out to any of these people,” keyboardist Llywelyn ap Myrddin adds. “All of them have come to us. We concentrated on building up solid releases and a fan base. We didn’t play Asia without an audience. Touring has helped with that and we’ve collaborated with Korean artists. Seeing that kind of stuff going on, people started to pay attention to us rather than [us] getting up in their faces. It’s been great because good [labels] have been in contact. Putting out music and trusting that once it’s good, that will lead to things rather than artificially trying to hustle it [is key].”

The band aims to drop its first full-length record sometime in the fall. Meanwhile, the members have maintained the band’s buzz in several ways. One was a YouTube Live chat with fans in June with another planned closer to the record release. Recent single “Over” has received nearly one million YouTube views and “Who's Got You Singing Again” from the 2016 Futures EP has earned more than nine million.