Signing Story: Olive Klug

Date Signed: February 2024

Type of Music: Folk

Management: Do Less Management

Legal: Jason Barth

Publicity: Deborah Radel - DR PR - [email protected]

Web: oliveklug.com

A&R: Isaiah Beard

Having released multiple singles and their debut release, Don’t You Dare Make Me Jaded since exploding on TikTok, contemporary folk artist Olive Klug has signed with new management following their return to Folk Alliance in 2024 (this year with a showcase, video coverage, and a panel), and has new music coming later this year. 

Starting in theatre at age 7, Klug produced their first EP with a friend after graduating with a degree in psychology. Stalled from practicing the in-person counselling they were trained to provide due to the lockdown, Klug began posting music on TikTok. Picking up momentum by early 2021, they gained a lot of attention, especially following viral hit “Raining In June” (which remains their most popular song to date). The momentum prompted a move to Los Angeles.

A manager-friend with connections in the folk community helped Klug starting out and, attending Folk Alliance in 2023, he encouraged Christiana Sudano, founder of Do Less Management, to meet up with Klug. Sudano says they stood out and that, “Olive is just magnetic. Their voice is something I hadn't really heard before and the storytelling is game-changing.” Sudano began working with Klug upon returning to Los Angeles, officially signing to management early this year.

Having Sudano’s help means Klug has more space to create, without the constant stress of logistics. With four tours behind them, alongside Kevin Atwater, Odie Leig, and Daisy the Great—the latest involving a full band—Klug says they “have been through a lot in their career this past year,” emphasizing that, “Having somebody to trust with all of that is huge.”

Proud to be supporting Klug’s next moves, Sudano adds “The way they celebrate music, look at things, and are able to put that into what I want to feel and hear… it's like somebody being able to say things that you can't, in a beautiful way. The resilience is what separates them from the rest. I’m thrilled to be on the journey for as long as they have me.”

Upcoming singles are more Folk-Americana sounding and Klug says feel more relevant to their current state of being. A new EP with Isaiah Beard is in the works for later this year.