L.A. Witch

Signing Story: L.A. Witch

“That was one of the worst shows we ever played,” remembers Sade Sanchez, vocalist and guitarist for all-female punk trio L.A. Witch. It was the gig where they were introduced to David Dickenson of Suicide Squeeze Records. She was convinced they’d blown their opportunity.

To their surprise, they hadn’t blown anything. The Seattle indie, known for singles by Elliott Smith and Modest Mouse, even extended their deadline to assure the deal happened. While a few other labels displayed interest, Suicide Squeeze was the one that displayed true excitement.

“A lot of labels want to have control over your sound or shape you a certain way,” observes bassist Irita Pai. “What’s cool about independent

"As long as you find someone who shares the same passion as you, you can't go wrong."

labels is they’re not trying to do that.” Adds Sanchez, “Suicide Squeeze was very persistent from the night they saw us.”

Although their maiden signing was a frightening proposition, having another band they love and toured with, the Coathangers, also be on the label boosted their confidence. Further, the group admired the variety of artists the label champions. “A lot of their artists are very different,” states Pai. “It’s not just one sound.” Beyond that, the artist-run label treats their roster like family, proven by gestures such as Dickenson treating everyone to a Dodgers game.

Yet the real benefit to signing has been access to funds. “One thing we struggled with when we started was having money to record,” says Sanchez. “That’s one reason it took us so long to put out our album.” Recently, they wrapped filming on their video, “Drive Your Car”. Along with that comes everything else––licensing, radio, PR and distribution.

Still, money isn’t everything. “I think that’s the last thing you should worry about,” recommends Sanchez. “As long as you find someone who shares the same passion as you, you can’t go wrong.”

L.A. Witch’s self-titled debut was unleashed on Sept. 8.

Date Signed: Dec. 21, 2016
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
Band Members: Sade Sanchez, vocals, guitar; Irita Pai, bass; Ellie English, drums.
Type of Music: Punk Rock
Management: [email protected]
Booking: [email protected]
Legal: Bryan K. Christner
Publicity: Nathan Walker, [email protected]
Web: lawitch.tumblr.com
A&R: David Dickenson