Jordan Davis

Signing Story: Jordan Davis

Singer-songwriter Jordan Davis has a lot to celebrate. He embarked on his first headlining tour this year called “White Wine and Whiskey,” his song “Singles You Up” is all over country radio and

he will be releasing his full-length debut album Home State in late March. Yes, life is good, but it didn’t come without the price of sweat equity and a diligent investment of time.

“I moved to Nashville in June 2012,” says the Shreveport, LA native. “I moved there to write songs. The first couple years were rough. I didn’t have a publishing deal until almost four years of moving to town. I had a publisher that brought some of my songs to a pitch meeting at Universal. They were actually pitching for another artist. But some of them caught the ear of Universal’s Stephanie Wright, who now is my A&R person. And that led to a meeting with me and her.” The curious thing was that Davis had been concentrating so hard for years on developing his skills as a songwriter, he never really considered signing a label deal as a performer. “I asked my publisher if they were gonna cut any of my songs,” continues Davis. “He told me Universal wanted to have a meeting with me. I didn’t even think something like that was on the horizon for me. But, it definitely turned out for the best.”

The upcoming album Home State is aptly named, as the dozen tracks that appear on it all come from a very personal place for the bearded Davis. “It’s taken me probably 10 years to write the songs on this album,” he confesses. “It’s some of the best songs I’ve ever written. Most of the songs were born in Louisiana, so I feel the title is very fitting.”

Davis, who comes from a musical family where his brother Jacob is also a Nashville-based artist, feels very content with his choice to go with MCA/Universal. “I’ve just stayed out of their way,” says the laid-back troubadour. “From marketing, to A&R, to promotion; everybody is top notch. They’ve allowed me to write and record this record and pretty much that’s all I’ve had to focus on.”

Date Signed: February 2016
Label: MCA Nashville
Type of Music: Modern Country
Management: Zach Sutton, Red Light Management
Booking: Becky Gardenhire, WME
Legal: Noah McPike, Dickinson Wright
Publicity: Ailie Birchfield, [email protected]
Web: jordandavisofficial.com
A&R: Stephanie Wright