DIY Spotlight: KiSMiT

KiSMiT, the enchanting duo made up of Carly Barnette and Baz King, is having an exciting year of releases. After connecting at Berklee College of Music, Barnette and King immediately felt an artistic spark that led to their musical collaboration. The pair share the idea that music can be used as a form of therapy and they use their energy to create compositions that evoke strong emotions.

They draw inspiration from the funky sounds of Allen Stone, the playfulness of Justin Timberlake’s dance groove and the honest quirk of Regina Spektor. Their mutual love of soul, dance-pop and funk blends their voices together in a way that only fate would have it.

That unique union is noticeable within their latest releases, “Compass” and “Look No Further.” Available to watch on YouTube, “Compass” incorporates passionate interpretive dance and was “the most personal project ever… In fact, making this was a test of trust and I chose to improv all the movement in the video so that I would have no choice but to trust myself and commit to solely being in the present moment,” Barnette explains.

When the two are not focusing on their music, Barnette turns her attention to ALLIN Los Angeles, an arts activism organization, which she co-founded that curate's artistic events, while King works on musical projects via his production studio, Baz King Productions.

More releases are planned for the year, in addition to developing tours on both the east and west coasts. 

To keep up with KiSMiT and their future plans, visit KiSMiTmusic.com.