Signing Story: Erin Viancourt

Date Signed: October 2022

Label: Late August Records

Type of Music: Country

Management: Arthur Penhallow Jr. - True Grit Management

Publicity: Asha Goodman, Catherine Snead, Chandler Call - Sacks & Co.

Web: erinviancourtmusic.com

Growing up with guitars around a campfire, Erin Viancourt always knew she was going to pursue music. Not feeling drawn to college, she began writing poems for her mom in high school (her grandfather is a published poet), which quickly moved to songwriting, later teaching herself to play guitar. Her creative writing teacher allowed her to write and perform songs in lieu of her weekly writing assignments, and she credits her supportive parents for helping her to get where she is today.

Working at a music venue after moving to Nashville to study songwriting, Viancourt was fortunate to have club owners and promoters who gave her opportunities to perform. Opening for Alex Williams back in 2019, Viancourt connected with his manager backstage, offering to open for Cody Jinks (Williams and Jinks were both managed by True Grit). Williams asked her to fly out to Texas, and she became part of the True Grit family. While the pandemic put everything on pause, she was given the opportunity to open for Cody Jinks and Travis Tritt in Austin, and kept getting brought back. Five songs led to a record, and then getting signed as the inaugural artist on Late August Records.

Since the signing, Viancourt says she feels she has levelled up. “There’s definitely a shift,” she says. “As confident as you try to be in Nashville, you always wonder, where do I belong? What pocket do I belong to? I could not have found a better pocket to fall into—with all the right people.” Says Viancourt, “Between Arthur [Penhallow Jr., owner of True Grit Management], Cody [Jinks] and Stephanie [Hudacek], they all show up every day with max-level excitement. Joe Greenwald has [also] been really helping get the songs to radio. [He is] one of the kindest people in the world.”

Finishing up her tour supporting Cody Jinks, Viancourt’s debut album, Won’t Die This Way, is out now. Says Stephanie Hudacek (of Late August Records), “This debut album displays seasoned poise, character, swagger, style, and sharp wit. She’s that one of a kind, powerful artist that skillfully blends classic country with '70s outlaw vibes and a unique modern flair.”