Signing Story: I Don't Know How But They Found Me

Bassist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter Dallon Weekes has managed to fit a hell of a lot into his career to date. From 2009 until 2017, he was a key member of Panic! At the Disco, helping that band achieve an impressive level of success. That overlapped with his own project, indie rock band The Brobecks. And when his time in P!ATD came to a natural conclusion, when he wanted to create
something more “him,” he reached out to an old Bro.

“Ryan [Seaman] and I have known each other for over a decade,” Weekes says. “We used to be in The Brobecks together. That band kind of fizzled out, but we always stayed in casual contact with each other. When I started making songs for this new project [I Don't Know How But They Found Me], I brought him in to play drums, and we got to hanging out again. The idea formed to present this thing as a band and start playing shows together. It just was very organic, and I guess it was born because it was fun being together again and making music together.”

Weekes describes the sound of this new project as “hipster nonsense,” with his tongue firmly in his cheek. Nudged to elaborate, he says that there’s a strong pop element in there, but with an element of weirdness that he endeavors to include in everything he does. That is really the only thing that connects his various bands, on a musical level.

IDK (as Weekes refers to it) has already inked a deal with beloved indie punk label Fearless, a company the frontman has not had any
dealings with before but that, having spoken to a few different labels, made complete sense. “Part of the deal was that we would maintain 100 percent creative control over everything we’d do, and that was the most important thing to me,” he says. “I’d rather make something that’s good than make something that’s popular.”

Weekes says that the relationship with Fearless has been great so far,
and the single “Choke” has been doing extremely well online (12 million combined Spotify and Youtube hits and counting). There’s an EP on the way, and a full album planned for next year.

Guys––you have been found.

Date Signed: August 2018
Label: Fearless Records
Band Members: Dallon Weekes, vocals, bass; Ryan Seaman, drums
Type of Music: Alt-Pop
Management: Rick Sales and Larissa Giampaoli - The RSE Group
Booking: Nick Storch and Jake Zimmerman - AGI (US), Steve Strange -X-Ray (International)
Legal: Andy Tavel
Publicity: HERFitz PR, [email protected]
A&R: Andy Serrao - Fearless Records