Signing Story: Cody Newman

Date Signed: Aug. 1, 2019      

Label: Independent

Type of Music: Pop

Management: Jeff Gulko - Gulko Entertainment / The Gulko Group      

Booking: Mark Cheatham - CAA     

Legal: N/A

Publicity: Jeff Gulko - Gulko Entertainment / The Gulko Group

Web: codynewmanmusic.com         

A&R: Cory Rooney

It all started with a chance meeting. Longtime artist/PR manager Jeff Gulko had recently moved to a neighborhood in Charleston, SC with his wife. While getting into his car, he was approached by a mom out for a walk who had just found out about her new neighbor’s occupation. She had a then 13-year-old daughter, Cody Newman, who was interested in a music career.

Gulko recalls, “We laugh about it now, but I totally gave her the brush off.” He quickly gave her his card and hurried off.

Undaunted, Newman began sending him Instagram and TikTok videos of her performing snippets of original songs and what was once a quick brushoff blossomed into a fruitful collaboration, with Newman ultimately signing with The Gulko Group.

   Through Gulko’s contacts, Newman’s songs spread like wildfire, including a stint on Radio Disney’s rotation. “He’s gotten me meetings with CAA. His connections are really helping me grow,” says Newman.

What draws people to Cody Newman besides her catchy melodies and relatable lyrics is their surprise when they find out her age. Now 14 years old, she has taken charge of her career and is actively working with Gulko to develop new music and establish a clear trajectory. Firmly labeling herself as a pop artist, Newman draws inspiration from a score of established music makers. “All of my inspiration comes from other artists––people I listened to growing up like Meghan Trainor or Selena Gomez––and newer artists like Billie Eilish.”

But placing her foot heavily in the pop scene hasn’t stopped other genres from trying to draw her in. Newman was invited to attend the Carolina Country Music Awards and she even receives airplay from several country music stations. When asked why this may be, Gulko replied, “Her music is just grabbing folks.”

In February, Newman was recognized as KIIS-FM's "Next Up Artist of the Week." She plans to hit the studio soon so a new album is likely on the horizon.