Anna Mae

Signing Story: Anna Mae

Hailing from Minnesota, songwriter Anna Mae moved to Nashville six years ago. More recently, she began feeling like a professional when her first co-write got picked up for film and TV, amassing 12 network placements in under a year. With that exposure came attention, namely from Dr. Luke’s hit factory, Prescription Songs. An email from Katie Fagan, then in Los Angeles, asked to speak by phone. A voyage to the city of angels soon occurred and, by the time she arrived home, they’d offered her a co-publishing deal, making her the first artist signed out of their Nashville office.

Although she’d sought publishing deals in the past, at the time she wasn’t looking. The country-oriented nature of Nashville discouraged her, so she focused on being an artist. But when Prescription reached out, she knew she’d end up there. Besides joining the ranks of some of her favorite writers, she was confident the arrangement would open the right doors.

“Prescription is perfect,” she attests, “because most publishers in town wouldn’t be able to help me in the pop and alt-rock world. “Prescription signs people who are the best at what they specifically do,” asserts the singer. “They look for artists and writers who are different from what they already have. And I think that, for my specific sound, they didn’t have someone like that yet.” Her openness with Prescription made her comfortable with the move.

Anna Mae loves that Prescription allows her to be both a writer and an artist, almost like they’re playing the role of a label. “It’s cool to kind of be in both worlds,” acknowledges the songstress. “Doing my artistry but also doing my writing.”

Besides her latest single, “Call Girl,” keep your eyes peeled for her debut EP, making its appearance early next year.

Date Signed: May 23, 2017
Publisher: Prescription Songs
Type of Music: Alt-Pop
Management: N/A
Booking: N/A
Legal: Matt Cottingham - Ritholz Levy, [email protected]
Publicity: Chloe Lauter, [email protected]
Web: annamaemusic.com
A&R: N/A