Signing Story: Amber Mark

Date Signed: Dec. 7, 2016

Label: PMR/Interscope Records

(Touring) Band Members: Josh Brozosky, Dillon Treacy

Type of Music: Alternative R&B

Management: Ian Montone, Madison Case, John Michael Picard, Sophia Sorrentino - Monotone Inc.

Legal: Jeff Koenig - Serling Rooks Hunter McKoy Worob & Averill LLP

Publicity: Rebecca Marlis - Interscope Records

Web: ambermarkmusic.com

A&R: Benjamin Parmar & Daniel Parmar - PMR Records

New York-based singer, songwriter and producer Amber Mark took her early cues from the great Ella Fitzgerald, but it was in her mid-to-late years of high school that she decided she wanted to make music her career. “I didn’t really start writing until my junior and senior year of high school,” she says. “Then I started finishing songs and making beats, which wasn’t until after I graduated high school, probably like 2013/14.”

Since then, Mark has made it her business to find her sound, and she’s seen it expand immensely. She’s experimenting, and it has evolved ever since her debut 3:33AM EP in 2017. “I’ve incorporated the older 3:33AM sound into the new project—it still has that sound but it’s bigger,” she says. “It sounds fuller. It just sounds clear and crisp, and all of that. It’s constantly expanding and growing, and I think my sound is always going to be getting different and wider. Bigger in certain areas.”

Mark first met with Interscope Records in 2015, and says that she immediately fell in love with the team. “I feel like they really got me and got my sound,” she says. “Before I had the meeting with them, it was hard to decide which direction I wanted to go, and then after I met with them, I was like, ‘these people really get me.’ Still to this day.”

The debut full-length album, Three Dimensions Deep, is out now via Interscope, and Mark is delighted with the way it turned out. “I think I’ll never be done with an album, internally,” she says. “I look back and think that I should have done this or added this. But putting that all aside, now that it’s out and everything, I’m so happy that people are connecting with it the way they are. I was nervous because there are so many different sounds on the album, and I dabble in so many different genres, so I was a little nervous about that. But people seem to be responding really well, even to the songs I was nervous about. So, it’s been really exciting and so gratifying. I’m happy that people are connecting with the music, especially on an emotional level. That’s the important part.”

Mark says that the main theme of the album is a journey of self-discovery.“I sprinkle in a lot of physics and quantum physics,” she says. “Doing research on these theories out there has gotten me to a level of being more spiritual and tapping more into my spirituality. I’d never expect to get there through science.”

Looking ahead, Mark has a North American tour happening from the end of March, and then Coachella and more festivals.

“I’m really excited to see people,” she says.