Signing Story: Los Saints

Date Signed: Nov. 15, 2021

Label: Enci Records

Band Members: Angel Mariscal, Emiliano Garcia, Gianluca Exposito

Management: Jonathan Garrett - Scrivener Management

Legal: Matthew Kaplan

Publicity: Mike Cubillos, [email protected]

Web: instagram.com/lossaintsofficial

A&R: Pat Magnarella

Just north of the Mexicali border lies an alternative indie rock band comprised of two cousins and a family friend called Los Saints. Hailing from Chula Vista, CA, the three-piece ensemble formed one month before the Pandemic prompted a nationwide COVID shutdown. 

The restrictions prevented Angel Mariscal, Emiliano Garcia, and Gianluca Exposito from playing songs like “Let It Out” in front of a live audience. Nevertheless, the lockdown period presented the guys with an opportunity to develop their image and focus their time on releasing the songs that they had been writing together on social media. This eventually helped them garner the attention of the A&R representatives at Enci Records. 

“One of the things that I had put us on is this website called Submit Hub. [Enci Records] must have come across a blog or one of our early songs, because they emailed us and we sent them the EP and they decided to hop on board and support us,” says Angel. “Which is pretty cool because [Enci Records] is owned by Pat Magnarella, the guy who managed Green Day for 27 years. So, we were really happy that they decided to help us become a backbone for their label.”

Pat Magnarella’s reputation for establishing legendary rock bands, like Green Day, undoubtedly played a role in Los Saints’ decision to sign with his label, but the group’s lead singer was quick to point out that their decision was also influenced by the manner in which they were courted beforehand by the company’s social media manager. Chris Georggin discovered Los Saints online and he was the first person to reach out to them on behalf of Enci Records. 

The conference also gave the band the opportunity to ascertain what it would be like to release new music under the tutelage of such well respected music-business men. Although Mariscal, Garcia and Exposito all bought into the vision that Enci Records laid before them, they would not officially ink a deal with the record label until three months later. 

Los Saints officially signed with Enci Records on Nov. 15, 2021. The terms of the deal were negotiated by the band’s manager, Johnathan Garrett, and their entertainment attorney, Matthew Kaplan. Three months after signing with Enci, Los Saints released the official music video for their first single with the label, called “Found You Somewhere.”