Album Review: Cuz I Love You by Lizzo (9/10)

"Her voice is soulful and simultaneously unafraid to spell it out for anyone listening."

Singer-rapper Lizzo contends finding love isn’t life’s answer, as she goes from “I’m cryin cause I love you” to “Cause I’m my own soulmate/ I know how to love me.” She goes on to preach the complexities of love such as feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing when to let go. Lizzo gives listeners a candid experience about love, self-love and femininity. Her voice is soulful and simultaneously unafraid to spell it out for anyone listening. One can compare the cadence of Lizzo’s verses to Cardi B, however the cleverly crafted explicit lyrics tell her story with “sugar, spice and some nice.” There were two features in this album, one with the Missy Elliott and one with Gucci Mane, that could have been better without just because she shines well on her own. Lizzo gives her album variety, never using the same beats, instead incorporating unique piano riffs, produced sounds, heavy bass and sounds that mirror old hip hop. The song “Juice” revered this old hip hop sound best, all while making a great track for uplifting femininity and confidence as a woman. Overall, I would say Lizzo captures her concept well and doesn’t fail in making others feel they are just as powerful as their counterparts. Love doesn’t always have to do with boys.

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Rating: 9/10

Nice Life and Atlantic Records

Producers: Ricky Reed, Warren Felder