Action/Drama Series Seeks Tracks for Multiple Mood - Up To $7,500 Per Track

MusicOpps.com is pitching music to a production company seeking to license original tracks for a 2018 Action/Drama film release. Music supervisors are looking for independent artists, publishers, and composers with commercial-ready music for the following scenes/scenarios and moods:

-Computer Hacker Scene-
Music should feel intense, intrusive, dark, sinister, flippant and edgy.
High energy, under pressure scenes, show masked savvy hackers compromising
civilians to gain control. Instrumentals or vocals.

-Chase Scene-
Urban foot chase turns into a parkour-inspired rooftop battle in an old worn down European warehouse setting. Music should be high-energy and outlaw inspired. Open to cross-genres and anything uniquely underground. Instrumentals or vocals.

-Safe House Reunion-
Lead character rescues the girl, now away from the danger of being chased, the two fall in love. Songs with vocals should be about feelings of vulnerability, letting your guard down, and embracing the moment. Instrumentals that capture the sentiment are also welcome from any genre that matches the emotional mood.

-Night Club Scene-
Crew spends the night on the town, feeling momentarily far from danger. Music should be high-energy club music, spun in the scene by the house DJ.

Total Amount of Tracks to Pitch:
Music supervisor wants the top 5-10 tracks eligible for each scene/mood. Approx 40 tracks in total.

Genres Accepted: Not genre specific. Tracks need to fit the emotional qualities. Orchestral/Classical, Dubstep, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie Rock, Punk,
Industrial, EDM/Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Instrumentals, World Music/Cinematic and all unique Cross-Genre music welcome. Music must have unique energy,
emotion and be appropriate for the aforementioned scenes/moods and transitional scenes.

To submit, visit musicopps.com/2018/03/opp-summer-action-film.html#more

Submission Criteria:
- Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for commercial placement.
- Tracks must be appropriate for public performance.
- Artists must own all copyrights - please no uncleared samples or covers.
- No re-titles.
- This is a non-exclusive one-time license. No rights are signed. Artist and/or label and publisher retain all ownership and receive compensation
directly via the film production company. Film soundtrack will be available for sale and streaming. Details, deal memos, terms and conditions will be provided to those who make the final cut and are offered a contract.

Up to $7,500.00 USD per track. Upfront compensation per track will be decided by the film production company, dictated by duration of track
usage, placement in film and act/artist draw. Final usage rate will be approved, negotiated and mutually agreed upon in writing once final tracks
are approved. No transfer of assets will occur. Artists will get exposure in major media markets as well as promotion, PR and inclusion in all
moving film media (traditional and viral). Film credit on IMDB will also be given.