Saffire Pro 24 | Focusrite

Saffire Pro 24

The Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 is a 16 in / 8 out Firewire/Thunderbolt audio interface featuring two Focusrite preamps and is part of Focusrite’s new generation of Firewire/Thunderbolt compatible audio interfaces. As with all Focusrite interfaces, Saffire PRO 24 is the best sounding interface in its class, attentively designed with recording musicians and the modern home studio in mind.

Twenty-eight years of mic preamp excellence form the foundation of this interface, with two award-winning Focusrite preamps. These combine with the very latest in MixControl software and FireWire interfacing technology to deliver seamless integration, excellent routing flexibility and rock-solid driver stability.

For more than 28 years Focusrite have been designing premium quality mic pre amps, channel strips and audio interfaces. Focusrite offer USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt compatible and now Ethernet audio recording solutions. Drawing on its heritage, Focusrite’s extensive ranges of audio interfaces share the same 'attention to sound', bringing professional recording within reach of today's aspiring music makers. Focusrite produces class-leading products and award winning designs for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

MAP $300