Rock and Roll Hall Legend Neil Young Stars in Our September Issue - Now Available

The new September issue of Music Connection delivers the latest essential information for all music-makers. Available in both digital format and on magazine racks across the U.S., it has music-career content you’ll find nowhere else.

Our Annual Directory of Music Supervisors & Post-Production gives you the names, contact info and specialties of individuals and companies nationwide that can get your songs placed in films, TV series and video games.

In the issue’s feature story, you’ll get interviews with 5 prominent “Video Game Music Composers” who discuss their careers and offer advice to anyone with similar aspirations. Also, in “Cue Sheets: How You Get Paid” you’ll learn how companies fill out their data reports about the music that they use in their movies, tv series, commercials and more and why you need to help them with accurate information.

Last but not least, the September issue is graced with a Q&A with Neil Young, a true rock & roll legend. And remember, all of this content––including our reviews of unsigned artists––is viewable on your iPhone/Android as well as your iPad and iPod Touch. Go to musicconnection.com/digital to feel the power of music information, MC style!