Empty Suns

New Music Critique: Empty Suns


Spearheaded by Travis Weatherred, Empty Suns’ atmospheric songs will reward patient listeners who are attuned to the pleasures of eerie psych-rock excursions. “A Lonely Place” luxuriates in billowing synths that blossom in ultra slow-motion to create the perfect realm for the artist’s artfully autotuned utterings. We’re taken with the wheezy, accordion-like synths that levitate “Daydreams.” “Empty Sun,” with its catchy beats and powerful near-epic energy, is nevertheless his darkest, most profoundly downcast song as the artist decries the emptiness and desperation that envelopes him. This unusual song’s rousing chorus makes it an unexpected winner for the Houston-based artist.

Contact: emptysuns@gmail.com
Web: emptysuns.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, TV/Film, Mgmt.
Style: Indie-Rock, Alternative