Rimas Publishing Announces Partnership with Muso.AI

Emilio Morales on Rimas and Muso.AI Partnership: "A Pivotal Step in Our Growth Journey"

Rimas Publishing, already a formidable name with an array of accolades and a stellar roster of international artists, joins forces with Muso.AI, a beacon of innovation and the current global leader in music metadata. This partnership aims to enhance the visibility and analytics surrounding music credits, offering a deeper view into the personas behind the music—be it businesses, catalogs, or individual profiles.


In an industry first, Muso.AI diverges from the traditional focus on tracks and albums, offering a 24-hour analytic insight that is centralized around the profiles of businesses, catalogs, and individuals. This groundbreaking approach not only facilitates targeted marketing strategies for songwriters and producers but also heralds new horizons in the acquisition of new catalogs and the discovery of unpublished talent, potentially reshaping the industry's landscape.

Speaking on this development, Emilio Morales, Rimas Publishing Managing Director noted, “At Rimas Publishing, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of industry technological advancements, continuously seeking to provide our clients with the highest caliber of services. This strategic alliance represents a pivotal step in our growth journey, ensuring our position as one of the leading publishers in the industry.”


One of the standout features of Muso.AI is its sharp focus on showcasing analytics and achievements revolving around individuals. This person-centric approach means clients can effortlessly access daily activity analytics through their profiles on the Muso.AI app or website, fostering a seamless flow of information between artists and publishers.

Moreover, the platform introduces a mechanism for clients to report missing credits and potential derivative works, facilitating the tracking of unclaimed royalties, thereby bringing a sense of justice and due credit to the creators.


Understanding the rich diversity of its user base, Muso.AI is launching a localized application available in Spanish, promising an enhanced user experience that resonates with the vibrant Latin market.

Learn more at: [Muso.AI], [RimasPublishing.com]