QSC Saturday Sessions: Jacob Jeffries

Jacob Jeffries Band performs original song “Whatever It Takes,” filmed live by Jam in the Van. Recorded and mixed on the QSC TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer.

Learn how to perform and record with our TouchMix Training Series videos:youtu.be/Gy1_zM4DqpI

Website: jacobjeffries.com 

Instagram: @jacobjeffries.com

Musicians (Instagram):

Vocals and Keyboards: Jacob Jeffries (@jacobjeffries)

Guitar and Vocals: Mason Stoops (@masonstoops)

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Adam Tresssler (@adamtressler)

Bass and Vocals: Brian Lang (@blang_bass)

Drums: Julian Allen (@allenju)


Jam in the Van on YouTube jaminthevan.com